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posted 14 Oct 2015, 08:49 by Angie Cheshire   [ updated 14 Oct 2015, 08:49 ]
UFFCULME LIBRARY FRIENDS brings you their first Meet the Author, Cheese and Wine Evening.
Clare Donoghue, crime writer, will be coming to Uffculme on Tuesday, 8th December 2015. She will be in the Uffculme Village Hall Garden Room at 7.30 p.m. She will read to us a section from one of her novels. Last month's Spotlight contained a critique about her first published book and below is information about her second. Her third novel is due out in March 2016, with her fourth due for hand-in to the publishers in February 2016. She will talk to us about how she came to writing, how she got published and the method she uses when writing etc. We shall then break for cheese and wine, after which we will open up the evening to an informal q & a. She will be bringing copies of her two novels for purchase and signing - at a discounted price! 

TICKETS WILL BE £6.00 (inclusive of cheese and wine) AND ARE AVAILABLE FROM: 
Ufculme Library; Angie 01884 841433; Rita 01884 840582;
Square Corner on Friday mornings 10.30 - 11.30. 
Please purchase in advance so we can cater for numbers.


Jane Bennett, senior Detective Sergeant for the murder squad at her London police precinct, is having a terrible day. Her boss, Detective Inspector Mike Lockyer, has just returned to work after two weeks on "leave," though Jane knows it was really more like a suspension. He’s still shaken by the loss of a victim in their last murder case, and Jane is still stung that Lockyer didn’t trust her enough to confide in her about the case before it was too late.

But neither of them has the luxury of time to dwell on past grievances. Jane has just received a phone call from a good friend saying that her husband Mark Leech, a retired policeman, has disappeared. When Jane finds dramatic blood splatters in the laundry room, she knows Mark is seriously injured at best, and they don’t have any time to waste. And then the body of a young girl is discovered in a tomb under a London greenway, and police resources are stretched even thinner…until it starts to look like the two cases might be related.

No Place to Die is another spine-tingling mystery with complex, three-dimensional characters from the suspense master.